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The Marvin Tamaroff Mascot Collection is a world-class collection including many rare, one-of-a-kind sculptured pieces. Believed to be the largest in the world, the collection of nearly 700 rare, exciting and original hood ornaments are displayed in the CCCA Museum for visitors to enjoy.

In the early days, automobile manufacturers started adopting “mascots,” also known as hood ornaments, as artistic decorations for their radiator caps. Artists would create special designs and figures for that market, and their signatures or initials may be seen on many of these ornaments, usually on the back side of the mascot. Visitors frequently ask what make of car used these mascots. There is no simple answer, because most were purchased as special accessories from dealers or specialty shops and mounted onto whatever car the owner was driving. The Tamaroff Collection includes many factory-standard mascots such as the Rolls-Royce Flying Ladies, Mercedes-Benz three-pointed stars, Bentley flying letter B’s and Jaguars.

You may view photographs of the entire collection below. 

Alsatian Head Mascot