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The CCCA Museum is host to the archives of the people who contributed to the making of the Classic Era. And that is fitting as this Museum is the logical place for these irreplaceable documents.

Today the files of the custom houses of Derham and Judkins, the Cole Motor Car Company, as well as the papers of Ray Dietrich are being carefully preserved in the library.

To preserve this information indefinitely, and to make it accessible to Classic Car enthusiasts everywhere, our staff has digitized every document, more than 20,000 in all, which are now available for free on this website (medium resolution images are free, high resolution images with no watermarks may be purchased and downloaded).

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John B. Judkins Company

The Derham-Chrysler Connection

A 1949 Derham DeSoto

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We have completed digitizing the files of the Derham and Judkins custom coachbuilding houses, the Cole Motor Car Company, as well as the papers of famed designer Ray Dietrich. Please feel free to browse our archives which contain tens of thousands of photos, blueprints, build sheets, and written correspondence.