has a wealth of information on over 1200 custom auto body builders. In 2010 it was awarded the E. P. Ingersoll Award by the Society of Automotive Historians. The E. P. Ingersoll Award is given for the best presentation of automotive history in other than print media.

Classic Car enthusiasts will especially be interested in the following pages at

Home Page

Start here to browse the entire website.

Coachbuilding Terminology

Learn the correct terms for all things coachbuilding, from "agasote" to "zapon"!

Coachbuilding History

This page contains multiple articles related to the history of coachbuilding beginning in 1450 in Hungary, where the first reported carriage coach was built.

North American Passenger Car Body Builders

For classic car buffs, this is the heart of the website with links to over 500 webpages, each dedicated to a particular coachbuilder.

North American Armored Car & Limousine Manufacturers

If you are interested in limousines and seven passenger sedans, this may be the section for you. For example, if you drive a 1946 Packard Seven Passenger Sedan, you'll find a link to the company that stretched it, Henney, on this page.

North American Automotive Engineers & Car Designers

Here you will find links to the biographies of nearly 100 automobile designers, each on its own page and with many references listed for additional information.