Museum Videos

The Classic Car Club of America Museum Story: Learn how the Museum got its start and how its world-class collection came to be located in Hickory Corners, Michigan. In this video, Dave Charvet explains our mission statement, takes you on a tour of the facilities, and discusses the contents of the museum's archives and website. Watch the video now.

What is a Classic Car?: The Classic Car Club of America defines CCCA Classics or Full Classic® cars as "...fine or unusual motor cars which were built between and including the years 1925 to 1948. Watch the video for a full explanation.

Car Exhibit Videos

Housed in the Thomas W. Barrett Barn is a unique collection of "Full Classic®" automobiles like Duesenbergs, Rolls-Royce, Cadillac, Lincoln, Packard, and Wills Sainte Claire. More...

Mascot Collection

Marvin Tamaroff, a long-time CCCA member from Michigan and a strong supporter of the CCCA Museum, has offered his incredible mascot collection for visitors to enjoy. Believed to be the largest in the world, you may view the collection of nearly 700 rare, exciting and original hood ornaments at the Museum or view photographs of the entire collection here.


Over the years, a lot of very dedicated people have helped the CCCA Museum grow. Among them was Noel Thompson of New Jersey. Noel generously donated the funds to build a library. Contributions poured in: automobile books, magazine collections, and literature. The library continues to grow and is currently undergoing its second expansion.

Coachbuilder Archives

The CCCA Museum is host to the archives of the people who contributed to the making of the Classic Era. And that is fitting as this Museum is the logical place for these irreplaceable documents.

Today the files of the custom houses of Derham and Judkins, the Cole Motor Car Company, as well as the papers of Ray Dietrich are being carefully preserved in the library. More...

CCCA National Magazine Database

Search the Classic Car Club of America national magazine database by keyword and display the results from more than 750 back issues.

This database includes both The Classic Car magazines (four issues per year) as well as the club Bulletins (usually eight issues per year) dating back to 1952. Over 25,000 pages in all, including photos and many hundreds of technical and automotive history articles. More...