The 2020 Experience - GM Automobiles

Save the date! June 5th -7th, 2020.

Each year during the first weekend in June, the Classic Car Club of America Museum hosts The Experience on the Gilmore Car Museum campus. This year's theme is all Full Classics® and GM automobiles 1915-1969. 

As the CCCA Museum is located in Michigan, it is fitting that our marque for this years’ Experience is General Motors automobiles.  GM was founded in Michigan and continues to produce cars at several facilities in the state.   Beginning with Buick and Oldsmobile brands, GM grew to include Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ewing, Holden, LaSalle, Marquette, McLaughlin, Oakland, Opel, Pontiac, Sheridan, Vauxhall, and Yellow Cab.  All of these brands along with all Full Classic® automobiles are invited to participate in The Experience.  Owners need not be CCCA members to take part.

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Museum Musings

The CCCA Museum’s extraordinary collection of nearly 700 mascots has been individually photographed and is now available for viewing on our website here . This collection was generously donated in 1996 and 1998 by CCCA charter member, Marvin Tamaroff.

It was an Englishman who first thought of a mascot for his vehicle. On the dash of his 1896 four-cylinder Daimler, Lord Montagu of Beaulier placed a bronze statuette of St. Christopher, patron saint of travelers. The mascot idea quickly caught fire... More...

Museum Musings is now a regular feature by our Executive Director, Carol Vogt. Her installments tell about the latest Museum happenings and events

Messages from CCCA Museum Board President, Howard Freedman

Welcome to the CCCA Museum! We invite you to visit our one of a kind museum in western Michigan to experience first-hand the automobiles from the Classic Era.

And be sure to watch our virtual tour video: Virtual Tour.

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