Welcome to the CCCA Museum!

Winter 2015 Update

Our Museum Board approved re-roofing our main building, which was last done over twenty years ago. Through the wonderful world of nature, the job was completed mid December with a cost of about $77,000. The new roof required a tear off of all of the old material.

When the new work was done it included about three inches of closed cell insulation under the new shingles, which will add to our interior climate control.

And speaking of climate control, at the same time the Board approved the roofing replacement, we agreed to enter into a contract to add heating to our buildings up to 40 degrees, cooling down to 80 degrees, and full-time humidity control.

Humidity is the main villain that we have been dealing with. This whole project is in the final installation and testing phase now. The entire system, under the direction and supervision of Board member Lee Barthel, is running close to $140,000.

As part of the climate control system, we have added three-phase power into our building, which will allow for more economical and efficient power.

Not to be outdone, our office lady, Jessica, has completed all of the Derham digitizing (some 25,000 pages of material) and has started on the Judkins files. In addition she has assumed other office duties under the supervision of our Executive Director Katie and, of course, with the help of Dale Wells, our tireless volunteer who lives in Kalamazoo.

We have started digitizing all of the Classic Car Club of America magazines and Bulletins starting at the beginning more than 60 years ago. That work is being done on high-speed, two-sided digitizing equipment here in the Portland area under the direction of our webmaster and digitizing manager, Jeremy Wilson.

We have preliminary plans for modifying our building entry to make it much more user friendly and attractive. We hope our Board will be positive in authorizing this effort, at our next meeting.

With what has been going on, you can see how important each and every one of you members is to this wonderful facility. Without your continued support, we could not move ahead to maintain our superiority.

On a last note, don't overlook our 2015 Experience! Packard is the marque - the dates are June 5 -7 and we need you all along with all Packard automobiles to make a tremendous show with Leigh and Leslie Keno as our Grand Marshalls.

Howard Freedman
President, CCCA Museum Board