Welcome to the CCCA Museum!

Summer 2020 Update

We cancelled our annual "Experience" this year but continue to work toward expanding our footprint by almost 11,000 feet of new display space that we hope, in spite of business corrections, will be done by December, 2020.

We are anxious to have more room to better show our fine collection of Classic automobiles to complement our new cabinetry displaying our magnificent hood ornament "mascot" display which we have also digitized and is now on our web site, each and every one of them, for the world to enjoy.

Our Board of Trustees, while not able to meet in person, have moved to video conferencing to maintain excellent contact and spend many hours planning for our future. Stick with us, we are assuring the future of the best Museum on the Gilmore campus.

Howard Freedman

President, CCCA Museum Board