Welcome to the CCCA Museum!

We invite you to visit our one-of-a-kind museum in western Michigan to experience first hand the automobiles of the Classic Era. We share space with the Gilmore Car Museum, voted the number one attraction in the state of Michigan.

September 2021 Update

We did it!  Our years of hard work, planning and the tremendous outpouring of generosity from so many people with their time and contributions have made our Museum the finest display of classic automobiles together with interactive educational displays never seen before.


Our grand re-opening celebration weekend was marvelous with more than 160 people attending luncheons, a fine dinner and the expression of amazement at what has been created.


Come see what you and the rest of the world needs to enjoy and right at home here in Hickory Corners, Michigan.  We welcome you.


Howard Freedman

President, CCCA Museum Board