Museum Updates

by Howard Freedman

February 22, 2017

After a working dinner Friday night, we all met Saturday February 18 at our CCCA Museum. We spent the whole day in the 55 degree sunshine with Lee and Floy Barthel, Candace Haag, Carol Vogt, Al Kroemer and Dale Wells, going through our Museum from stem to stern.

We made sure our new entry and our automatic full-glass entry doors were working properly (a first on the Gilmore campus of course - we are always the trendsetters here). We had two people from the elevator company that we have been working with come to spend time with us to decide on how and where we can install a lift to our second floor gallery.

After lots of thought, we decided that we would install the elevator shaft outside our building in a concrete silo matching one of the other silos on the Gilmore campus. The elevator will be inside the silo and will open into our main ground floor gallery for easy access and will terminate in an easily accessible area on our second floor. It is a perfect solution to provide full ADA access to our entire collection.

We spent untold hours talking about how and where to move our 700-plus mascot collection to make it more attractive and enjoyable to our visitors and open up space on our main floor for some new displays of our historic mechanical and other significant Classic Era items.

The next time you visit our Museum building at the Gilmore, you will see continual improvements to enhance your enjoyment of being with us.