Experience Musings

by Carol Vogt

November 2017



The Experience

June 1-3, 2018

Inviting all Full Classics®, along with Cadillac and LaSalles 1915-1965, to join us for an overnight driving tour, fabulous wooden boat tours of nearby Gull Lake, a Grand Classic, and The Experience.

Friday, we will travel the countryside unlike any other to Shipshewana located in the heart of Northern Indiana Amish country.  We’ll see white painted houses, crops in country fields, laundry blowing in the breeze, amazing flower and quilt gardens and the occasional stand selling homemade baked goods and home grown vegetables.  While there, we’ll visit the world’s largest collection of Hudson, Essex, Terraplane, Railton & Dover brands followed by dinner at a picturesque vineyard.

Saturday afternoon, we’ll board extraordinary wooden boats for a tour of the beautiful waters of nearby Gull Lake followed by a banquet at the Museum to celebrate friendships. 

Be sure to register your car for both the CCCA Grand Classic and the CCCA Museum Experience taking place simultaneously on Sunday.

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May 2017


Would you like to search Club magazines and bulletins for information on a specific car, coachbuilder, technical information or other topics?  If you have all the printed CCCA magazines and bulletins you could look through every magazine table of contents or every page of a bulletin.  But that could take hours or even days to find what you are looking for!  What if you don’t have these publications?

Use the CCCA Museum’s website instead.  You can now search our CCCA National Magazine Database where there are over 750 issues of CCCA bulletins and magazines online.  We provided the ability to search by keyword, specific category, or by publication issue.  To begin, I recommend clicking on the specific category that may contain information you are looking for.  Categories include:

- Feature Articles on Specific Makes
- Historic Articles by Manufacturer or Make
- Historic Articles by Designer
- Historic Articles by Coachbuilder
- Historic Articles by Region
- Historic Articles, Other
- Biographical Articles
- Technical Articles by Make
- Technical Articles by Component
- Technical Articles, Other
- Judging
- Authenticity
- Tips
- Miscellaneous

After clicking on the category, you will see the list of articles written over the years.  To organize the list by year, make, or title of the article, click on the heading of one of those columns.  Scroll down the list until you find information you are looking for, then click on the article to see a digital copy of the magazine or bulletin page.  If you know the exact issue you want to look at, scroll down below the categories to find it.  If you prefer, you may click on “Search By Keyword”.  Then type as few words as possible; for example 1930 Packard.  The result will include every article written for a 1930 and for a Packard.  

A Facebook follower commented “this database is a great and welcome resource!”.  Access the database here.