The 2015 CCCA Museum Experience Awards Gallery

With a storm anticipated in Hickory Corners, the show’s winners were announced at noon. Instead of the usual afternoon drive-by, Bob Joynt made his way around the field with a wireless public address microphone, announcing each class and Museum award winner.

Award Winners


Best in Show: 1934 Packard Convertible Victoria - Owned by Joseph and Margie

Most Elegant Car: 1931 Packard All Weather Sport Landaulet - Owned by Mark

Most Outstanding Entry: 1932 Packard Sport Phaeton - Owned by Clifford and Joyce

Chairman's Award: 1938 Packard Convertible Sedan - Owned by David

Margaret Dunning Driving Award: 1910 Packard 7 Passenger Touring - Owned by John William

Trustees Award: 1932 Pierce-Arrow Sport Touring - Owned by Terry and Rita

People's Choice: 1903 Packard Race Car - Owned by Ted and Carol Davis

Goad Artist Award: 1933 Packard Sport Coupe - Owned by Al Legg

Hyman Hobbyist Award: 1925 Packard Sport Coupe - Owned by Stephen Babinsky

CCCA Award: 1931 Packard Rollston Roadster - Owned by Tom and Donna Tuls

Grand Marshals' Award: 1957 Packard Station Wagon - Owned by Bill Bartholomew

Grand Marshals' Award: 1934 Nash Ambassador Sedan - Owned by Ronald DeWoskin

Packard Division 1905-14, First in Class: 1914 Packard 5 Passenger Roadster - Owned by the Off Brothers Collection

Packard Division 1925-29, First in Class: 1927 Packard Sport Touring - Owned by Allen Strong

Packard Division 1930-32, First in Class: 1930 Packard Speedster Roadster - Owned by Robert W Valpey

Packard Division 1930-32, Second in Class: 1930 Packard Speedster Phaeton - Owned by Bruce Grinager

Packard Division 1933-36, First in Class: 1934 Packard Convertible Roadster - Owned by Michael Dean

Packard Division 1933-36, Second in Class: 1933 Packard Convertible Victoria - Owned by Bruce Blevins

Packard Division 1937-42, First in Class: 1939 Packard Woody Wagon - Owned by Andy and MaDonna Wolf

Packard Division All 12 Cylinder, First in Class: 1937 Packard Convertible Coupe - Owned by Neal and Lois Porter

Packard Division All 12 Cylinder, Second in Class: 1932 Packard Convertible Sedan - Owned by David and Linda Kane

Packard Division 1948-50, First in Class: 1948 Packard Club Coupe - Owned by John Lebold

Packard Division 1951-56, First in Class: 1956 Packard Caribbean Convertible - Owned by Mark L Taylor

Classic Division 1915-29, First in Class: 1929 Cadillac Sport Phaeton - Owned by Jay and Patty Fitzgerald

Classic Division 1937-39, First in Class: 1937 Lincoln Coupe - Owned by Tom Brace