Entrant Profile: 1931 Chrysler Imperial CD

The 1931 Imperial CG was Chrysler's second generation design to compete with the best from Cadillac, Lincoln and others. It featured a massive straight eight engine with nine main bearings displacing 385 cubic inches. Mounted on a 145-inch wheelbase chassis, it featured hydraulic brakes and four-speed transmission. The basic body style carried over for two more years until replaced by the famous air-flow design.

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Currently owned by CCCA member Al Kroemer, this car was acquired in 1969 by well known Chrysler specialist Paul Stern. Mr. Stern sold it to L. B. Wilde, Jr. who restored the car in 1973, following which Mr. Stern repurchased the car. It received its AACA first in 1974 and its CCCA senior badge in 1977. It changed hands several times until 1981 when Oklahoma collector Don Kizziar bought it from Lorin Tryon. It remained in Mr. Kizziar's collection until 2011 when sold by his estate. At the time it showed just over 1500 miles which is believed to have been correct mileage since its restoration 40 years ago.

Be sure to see Al and his Imperial at the 2013 Experience!