2016 Experience Musings

by Carol Vogt

February, 2017

Announcing Clive Cussler as Grand Marshal at this year's CCCAM Experience, June 2-4, 2017

We are honored and privileged to host Clive Cussler, best-selling American adventure novelist, underwater explorer, and noted collector of 115 of the finest examples of custom coachwork and 50’s convertibles to be found anywhere.

After working in the advertising industry as copywriter, creative director, and producer of radio and television commercials, Cussler began writing books in 1965. He is the author of more than 70 books including two coffee-table books: one titled Built for Adventure - The Classic Automobiles of Clive Cussler and Dirk Pitt reveals the history and acquisition of his outstanding collection of rare, classic, and antique automobiles. His thriller novels have reached The New York Times fiction best-seller list at least 20 times. Additionally, two of his novels, Raise the Titanic! and Sahara were adapted to screenplay and released as movies. In addition to his novels, Cussler has also written two children’s books.

Clive is also the founder and chairman of the National Underwater & Marine Agency, (NUMA) a non-profit organization that dedicates itself to American maritime and naval history. Cussler and his crew of marine experts and NUMA volunteers have discovered over 60 historically significant underwater wreck sites. After verifying their finds, NUMA turns over the rights to the artifacts to non-profits, universities, or government entities all over the world. Some of these finds include the C.S.S. Hunley, best known as the first submarine to sink a ship in battle and the U-20, the U-boat that sank the Lusitania. In addition to being Chairman of NUMA, Cussler is a fellow in both the Explorers Club of New York and the Royal Geographic Society in London.

Clive’s extraordinary car collection, several with famous and historic value, is garaged in the Cussler Museum in Arvada, CO. Many of the fabulous vehicles have been a large part of his best-selling novel series. His impressive list of classics includes:

1918 Cadillac V8 Touring 1921 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost
1925 Isotta Fraschini 1925 Minerva Town Car
1926 Hispano Suiza 1928 Cadillac Town Car
1929 Bentley Blower 1929 Duesenberg Boattail
1929 Packard Roadster 640 1930 Cadillac V-16 Town Car
1930 Lincoln V8 Town Car 1930 Packard Boattail
1932 Auburn Boat-tail 1932 Stutz DV32 Town Car
1933 American Austin Bantim 1936 Avions Voisin
1936 Packard V12 Town Car 1936 Pierce Arrow V12 Berlin
1937 Cord V12 Berlin 1937 Rolls Royce Phantom III Town Car
1938 Bugatti 59C 1939 Mercedes Benz 540K Saloon
1940 Cadillac V16 Limousine 1948 Delahaye Cabriolet
1948 Packard Custom 8 1948 Talbot Lago Grand Sport Coupe

Be sure to join us June 2nd - 4th at the CCCA Museum Experience in Hickory Corners, MI. You’ll be able to visit with Clive throughout the weekend beginning Friday evening at the BBQ. He’ll come along Saturday morning for our beautiful country driving tour, which includes a visit to OFF Brothers’ private collection and a lakeside lunch at the Gull Lake Country Club. The Saturday evening banquet will kick off with a reception where artists will display their automobile fine art to be auctioned. Classic-era fashions are encouraged during Sunday’s Concours, and ladies, be sure to attend the Chocolates Making Demonstration & Tasting in the early afternoon. This is a weekend you won’t want to miss! Register online at www.cccamuseum.org or call 269-352-9947.

Wikipedia article on Clive Cussler

Biography on clive-cussler-books.com

January, 2017

All Full Classics® 1915-1948 along with Roadsters, Sports, and Touring cars 1915-1965 are invited to The Experience hosted by the CCCA Museum June 2-4, 2017.

The Experience weekend kicks off Friday evening where everyone can mix and mingle at a casual and yummy barbecue on the museum campus. Saturday is full of enjoyment beginning with donuts followed by a scenic Caravan to an exceptional private collection and luncheon. Upon return to the Museum campus, you’ll want to visit the automotive fine art exhibit of spectacular paintings and sculptures.

Then the day rounds out at dinner with friends followed by a spirited live auction comprising vacation retreats, VIP tickets, and magnificent art. Sunday brings The Experience, a judged show of your extraordinary automobiles, fashions of the era, meals, chocolate making & tasting, and awards. Mark your calendars to experience The Experience June 2nd through the 4th in Hickory Corners, MI.

If you have yet to visit the Club’s museum, this event is your ideal opportunity to not only participate in the weekend activities but to also see North America’s largest auto museum; Gilmore Car Museum. As you may know the CCCA Museum is located on the beautiful 90-acre campus of Gilmore along with six other partner museums; Cadillac, Franklin, Lincoln, Model A, and Pierce Arrow. Additionally, Gilmore’s historic campus features a restored and fully-functioning 1941 Silk City Diner, a recreated 1930s Shell Station, and a pedal car and a motorcycle museum. Of the over 400 vehicles on site, your CCCA Museum is home to 30 extraordinary automobiles, three of which will be included with our featured cars during the Experience. They include our 1929 Lincoln L Sport Phaeton, the newly restored 1939 Delahaye 135M Drophead Coupe by Tuscher, and our 1948 Jaguar Mark V, 3 ½ litre Drophead Coupe.

August, 2016

My first Experience was positively a wonderful experience! Firstly, let me say I am grateful for those of you who shared the week-end with us. Enthusiasts came from AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, IL, IN, KY, MI, MN, NC, NJ, NY, OH, OR, PA, TX, VA, WI, WV, and ONT, CA. We know you have many demands on your time and numerous activity options so we were delighted you chose to support the Museum’s Experience.

Secondly, we were honored to have Bill Warner as our Grand Marshal. Talk about demands on your time; he is a busy, busy man. As many of you know, he is founder of The Amelia. In addition, he is chairman of the Amelia Foundation, president of his business, H. C. Warner, Inc., owns and operates Bill Warner Racing, is a race car driver, and is an author. He was kind enough to be here all week-end beginning Friday morning when he led the driving tour in our Museum’s beautiful 1936 Buick Roadmaster Convertible. Friday evening he captivated us with his presentation, “The Cuban Car Culture” (a preview of his forthcoming book co-authored with Tom Cotter due out in August at Barnes and Noble). Not only did he show us dilapidated cars in hidden garages and backyards of Cuban automobile enthusiasts, we also got a peek into the Cuban culture and the oppressive conditions that prevent citizens from openly restoring and enjoying their amazing treasures. Very interesting indeed! Saturday and Sunday, Bill was a judge for both the Grand Classic and the Experience of which he selected the Grand Marshal award winner and presented the trophy to Tom Tuls and his stunning 1931 Packer 840 Roadster. Sincere appreciation goes out to you, Bill. Thank you!

Thank you also to those who brought cars especially those who allowed us to marvel at your Senior cars:

Lee & Floy Barthel        1936 Pierce Arrow 1601 Sedan

Bob Becker                1935 Auburn Phaeton

John Bools                1931 Cord L29 Limousine

Tom Brace                 1938 Packard 1607 Club Sedan

Bob Briglia               1933 Packard 1006 Cabriolet deVille

Bill Davis                1941 Cadillac 60S Sedan

Wally & Marlene Donoghue  1940 Cadillac 4219 Sedan

Terry & Rita Ernest       1930 Pierce Arrow B Sport Phaeton

Jay & Patty Fitzgerald    1929 Cadillac 341 B Sport Phaeton

Dan & Roseann Gernatt     1938 Cadillac 75 Convertible Coupe

Paul & Jan Grant          1932 Packard 902 Coupe Roadster

Brad & Kellie Janousek    1934 Buick 96 Cabriolet

David Johnson             1942 Lincoln Continental Cabriolet

Tom & Connie Jones        1938 Bentley Sedan

Al Longley                1947 Cadillac 62 Convertible Coupe

Roy Margenau              1922 Isotta-Fraschini Tip 8 Torpedo Boat

Brent Merrill             1932 Marmon 16 Convertible Coupe

Greg Ornazian             1935 Auburn 851 Speedster

Bill & Barbara Parfet     1934 Auburn 1250 Salon Sedan

Rich Ray                  1930 Packard 740 Touring

Marvin Tamaroff           1931 Buick Convertible Coupe

Mark Thomas               1927 Kissel 865 Speedster

Skip & Susan Tetz         1929 Cadillac 118313 Sport Phaeton

Watch for a full summary containing all participants, many pictures, and final results in an upcoming issue of Classic Car magazine.

My appreciation is also extended to Board members Lee Barthel, Tom Brace, Howard Freedman, Dan Gernatt, Candace Haag, David Johnson, Tom Jones, Greg Kosmatka, Al Kroemer, Joanne McManus, David Schultz, Jerry Steelman, Dale Wells, and Carl Zeiger for your participation in our Board meeting discussing the Museum’s short and long-range plans. This is an exciting time for our Museum as we proceed with plans for a new entry, installation of a handicap elevator lift, and new display cabinets for our expansive mascot and artifacts collection. 

Lastly, a special thanks to Howard Freedman, Candace Haag, and Joanne McManus for your leadership in guiding me through my first Experience, and to Jeremy Wilson for creating the event Program, David Schultz for soliciting advertisers: Biggby Coffee, Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance, Concours d’Elegance of America, Hagerty Ins., Hyman Ltd., J. C. Taylor Ins., Passport Transport, Pebble Beach Concourse d’Elegance, Reliable Carriers, Inc., and R M Auctions, Dave Charvet for marketing, Eric MacLeod for organizing the driving tour, Walt Herip for photographing the event, Christine Snyder for printing the auction boards, Dick, Joyce & Judy Thams for selling Museum memorabilia, Dave Johnson and Bill & Christine Snyder for donating vacation homes to our live auction, and to Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, Boca Raton Concours d’Elegance, Concours d’Elegance of America, and Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance for their VIP package donations, and to Greg Wells and Jon Bond for providing overnight security in the Radisson parking ramp.